Meet David

I love helping people transform to living the life they truly want, being who they really are.  I would love to help you achieve the success you desire and get the results you want, whether it is taking your business to the next level or getting started so you can have momentum and traction.

I’ve transformed my life from wealth to financially challenged to wealth with a prosperity consciousness.  I love coaching others to create their own success.

From my home in Denver Colorado, I work with clients from all corners of the globe coaching you through practical and proven methods to create a life you love.

I have started and successfully grown businesses in various areas including: Technical Services, Software Development, Real Estate Investing, Music Performance and various sales and marketing projects.  I was also President of a local community non profit.  And I have coached tennis players and musicians to realize their highest potential in peak performance. And I have helped entrepreneur clients in all niches to grow and flow their businesses.

I am a Certified Extraordinary Coach and Certified Big Money Business Coach with Christian Mickelson’s Coaching Success University.  I am also a Certified Law of Attraction Coach through the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy.

For many years, participated in, and help facilitate meditations and retreats using a special meditation practice called the “Modern Day Meditation”. These experiences have been incredibly powerful, life altering, yet also practical in one’s daily material life.

I am also a graduate of Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University.  I have a degree in Electrical Engineer and Computer Science from the University Of California, Berkeley.

When I coach, I apply the teaching and tools of all of these trainings and experiences to help my clients get the results that they want.  Check out some of my clients testimonials!

I can’t wait to start working with YOU get on track to realizing your goals and dreams!

Yours in Prosperity and Success

David Hipshman

ISCA Certified