David Hipshman
I Help Entrepreneurs Grow And Flow Their Business.

As a Entrepreneur Coach and Business Coach, I help entrepreneurs “Grow and Flow” their business for sustainable growth and success.

“David is an expert at dissolving limiting beliefs that the unconscious mind holds on to which sabotages our growth.  I have personally had a few sessions with David which has caused me to attract greater wealth possibilities than I would have ever imagined on my own.”   Debra Cleveland, Business Visionary, Advisor & Mentor;  Owner, Cleveland Properties  Rochester, NY, USA

“Since working with David, I have transformed my client base from a single client, that was absorbing a lot of my time and effort, to a more ideal client base of multiple businesses characterized by innovative, energized leaders. I have quickly increased my revenue over 30% and my business is now where I really wanted to go.”  Hobey Landreth, Owner, Principle, Business Consultant, Landreth Consulting  Palo Alto, CA, USA

I will work with you to achieve the results you have been desiring, and perhaps even expand your vision of what you thought was possible.  You will be inspired to connect to what you really want, who you really are, and a knowing that you can achieve it!

I work with clients in the following areas:

  • Connecting to your true vision and purpose to clarify direction.
  • Strategizing to take the most effect actions.
  • Upgrading your skills.
  • Optimizing your environment.
  • Mastering your psychology and transforming within to more easily attract success and be in the flow of prosperity.

I also coach business owners in these “nuts and bolts” areas:

  •  Time and Productivity
  •  Sales Systems
  •  Marketing Systems
  • Team Building
  • Financial Awareness


And I help Entrepreneurs grow their business more quickly and easily by taking inspired action — rather than inefficient “busy” action. From a place of inspiration you will experience…

  • Inspired Vision  
  • Inspired Attraction – So it comes more easily.
  • Living Your Purpose In Your Business
  • Taking Inspired Action – So you want to do it.
  • Growing Your Business Free Of Stress
  • Living A Prosperous Life Now
  • Build Upon Each Previous Success
  • Live In The Flow Of Abundance Every Day!

“Since working with David I have had huge progress to my business goals. He helped me take the necessary steps towards creating my coaching business. He helped me to find my true direction, have a clear vision and a clearer mind to make better decisions.  He also helped me to have a solid action plan each week, and keep me on track to follow through.  Most importantly he helped me with the courage to jump in where I would not have taken the action before.”  Treavor O, Career Transition Coach Mountain View CA    

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Wishing you lots of success.